WHO IS BAKARE MUBARAK At 23 years, Bakare Olalekan Mubarak is a hard worker with a humble personality. He is the tallest model in Sub-Saharan Africa and stands at an amazing height of 6ft8 sharing the same height with the tallest model in the world. Mubarak is a model, an influencer, an actor and also an ex pageant king (Mr Kwara int’l 2015/16, also the Mr. Nigeria intl Kwara 2016/17). ACHIEVEMENTS Bakare has numerous awards to his credit, while still waxing strong. Having worked with renowned brands, such as:Fashion TVGlo NigeriaZenith BankAfrotourismMESS Los’AngelisItel mobole NigeriaBakare was the youngest amongst the 16 delegates from across the world that went on the Nigeria travel week Southwestern tour.He was once a Yandi ambassador (A renowned SME & digital solution company) and lots more. Having acted in a few movies and walked on various runways and editorials, he is not just a model but … Continue Reading


Aso oke as known by many but with in-depth meaning and wordings ASO ÌLÚ ÒKE, literally means ‘cloth from the hinterland’. Africa is rich in culture. Nigeria is blessed beyond measure, from time immemorial we value and love the ASO ÒKÈ for what it truly is. It is the only fabric I’ve come to understand … Continue Reading

You are Welcome, kindly comment your, Name, Email Adress and Cell phone number…👇

You are Welcome, kindly comment your, Name, Email Adress and Cell phone number…👇

There is no nobility in rape…❌

Rape is NOT the victim’s fault, An equivocal agreement is NOT rape.BDSM is NOT rape, moreso, Consented sexual intercourse is NOT rape,When 2 parties establishes a connection and nothing is forced, it is NOT rape.There is but a thousand excuses rapist give for their act, some of which may include; Provocative dresses,Influence of alcohol and … Continue Reading

FILA GỌBI ( Yoruba Native Cap)

In Nigeria, particularly amongst the Yoruba natives, traditional fashion styles are regarded incomplete without a matching cap. It is a unique part of the outfit that makes every man wearing native attire look dashing. Importantly, apart from the fashion angle to it… The Yoruba fìla gọbi worn to the left or right is culturally indicative … Continue Reading

#FightCovid19 Campaign & Outreach

As the day goes by, and novel Corona Virus spreads like wild-fire, without respect for borders, race, ethnicity nor colour. Leading authorities around the World, to the issuance of restrictions, border closures and warnings against immigration. In a bid to combat this Global epidemic, I took to the streets of Lagos, to give an affirmative … Continue Reading

My review on Fashion, Art, Culture & Tourism, for the year ended. “This Day Newspaper” Friday Jan 10 2020

2019 has been are wonderful year. Interestingly, one of the things that has recieved more attention than ever before is African Fashion, Culture, Art and Tourism. Based on evalution, the influx of tourists into the Nation increased, compared to 2018 statistics and this extends to Africa as a whole. Nigeria maintains number 6 most visited … Continue Reading

A Grand visit to Iwo Kingdom.

As the Commonwealth Culture & Charity ambassador, I have Allied with the oluwo of Iwo Kingdom. Oba AbdulRasheed Adewale Akanbi Kabiyesi Alayeluwa, Alasè Lori Orisa 1, Arole Olodumare 1 Of Yoruba Land. On Friday January 3rd, I visited the Oluwo of Iwo Kingdom, haven been summoned to be a dear guest & a judge simultaneously, … Continue Reading

World Mental Health Day.

World Mental Health Day is observed every (10 October), and it is regarded an international day for global mental health education, advocacy and awareness against social stigma. This Day, was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organization with members and contacts in more … Continue Reading