Oluwo Of Iwo Kingdom & Bakare Mubarak

As the Commonwealth Culture & Charity ambassador, I have Allied with the oluwo of Iwo Kingdom. Oba AbdulRasheed Adewale Akanbi Kabiyesi Alayeluwa, Alasè Lori Orisa 1, Arole Olodumare 1 Of Yoruba Land.

On Friday January 3rd, I visited the Oluwo of Iwo Kingdom, haven been summoned to be a dear guest & a judge simultaneously, at the “New year Vibes”, ” Oluwo excellence Award” & “Face of the Year Pageantry contest” in Iwo Kingdom, Osun state Nigeria.An event put together by Taosand Concept, targeted at  Unifying Iwo indigenes at home & in the diaspora.
Indigenes who have been great ambassadors of Iwo Kingdom were awarded by the king, and Appreciated wholeheartedly.
I laid emphasis on how under-rated the Impact of the Legendary “Queen Luwo Gbagida” during the Ife Pre-pavement & pavement Era(800-1000 A.D.)  has been in the Hitory Of Yorubaland & Africa as a whole.
I also made known his intentions and willingness to work with the Oluwo, in serveral capacity, one of wich is to carry out an Expedition of my trademarked initiative( Photo Waka) in bid for a renaissance of history & projection of Iwo kingdom, an historically rich kingdom, to the world in good light.One of which is to pull off an expedition of his Unique initiative(Photo Waka) in the Kingdom.
The Oluwo inturn Appreciate his effort and is willing to work with Mubarak.

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