Aso oke as known by many but with in-depth meaning and wordings ASO ÌLÚ ÒKE, literally means ‘cloth from the hinterland’.

Africa is rich in culture. Nigeria is blessed beyond measure, from time immemorial we value and love the ASO ÒKÈ for what it truly is. It is the only fabric I’ve come to understand as the ORIGINAL JEANS which may never go extinct owing largely to it’s existence before any other.

All materials and weaving process of the Aso-Oke is done without alterations instead emits pure African ideology. It is worn by royalties and scream respect like no other fabric has.The Alaafin Oyo (the paramount king of Oyo) the “Iku baba yeye” will always stand out in his Aso-Oke regalia, the Telu of Iwo kingdom, the Alake of Egba land, and a few other royalties are equal symbol representative of the Aso-Oke trademark. The original jeans is a symbol of royalty and all royalties own at least a piece and more.

The late  Ayinde Barrister, regarded as the pioneer of Fuji and Wéré music said “aso òkè kò le kùtà ní íbi ìgbeyàwó”, in English translation it means the original jeans is of huge relevance to weddings, these is entirely true.

Recently we have worked crafts around the original jeans (ASÒ-OKE) which no modern jeans fabric can compete with; it has come to stand the test of time. It never went out of fashion and may never go obsolete.

Some say it’s vintage but I would rather call it modern because, it has gotten viral attention in recent times and soon enough, it will be more valued and taken up around the World.

Let us rise above our fears, let us bring it back and rock it well as ever. Let us promote the universal western Yoruba culture.Right from time, Asò-Oke often comes in three main recognized types, namely SANYAN, ETU and ALAARI

Aso oke goes beyond mere thoughts; it should be a case study and you can never go wrong.
On this note, I strongly believe that Africa could unite by leveraging on our rich cultural heritage.

This is a strategic partnership between Bakare Mubarak and a highly expressive fashion designer, majored in Asò-oke and bead making, Creative Director of the “Ushpro” brand (@Ushpro), and Raji Samson Olamide (@Rajisamsonolamide) a creative-minded photographer, assisted by @deebestphotography @okissphotography .

PS: ANTICIPATE “IDAN; THE COLLECTION” BY BLACK.  This is a blend of ASÒ-OKE and ADIRÈ, all eco-friendly and exhibit what really African we portray.
Article reviewed by Wale Akanbi (Akanbi Èko)

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