In Nigeria, particularly amongst the Yoruba natives, traditional fashion styles are regarded incomplete without a matching cap. It is a unique part of the outfit that makes every man wearing native attire look dashing.


Importantly, apart from the fashion angle to it…

The Yoruba fìla gọbi worn to the left or right is culturally indicative of the marital status of Yoruba men, after wearing, turning the cap to the left side indicates a man is married, while turning it to the right indicates he is still single.

It could be taken farther than an indication of marital status. If the cap is lifted up, it indecates pride, and if it is turned to the front, it indicates the person is tired of life, if turned to the back, it likely means that the man is one who does not care.


More so, fila gọbi is the most common style of Yoruba cap in resent time. You should consider buying one, regardless of your ethnicity. Make sure that it fits your head and it is firm. You can turn(fold) it to the right or left, a bit on the front part or a bit to the back.

Though I wear mine with tees(T-shirts).

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Abami Eda a true national treasure


I really never knew… But I’ve always loved the style… This content is rich, more people need to see this


I learnt something new today… Thanks for the post

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