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The “USA fair 2019” Conferences,Exhibitions, B2B meetings & Networking event was held on May 22-23, from 1am– 5 p.m. at the Eko Convention Center Victoria Island,Lagos Nigeria.

The purpose of the #USAFairNG19 was to encourage & explore the possibilitie and ultimately execute on a productive plan to buil a symbiosis, business wise between the Americans & Nigerians.

The 34 companies that exhibited at the fair represents the finest in tech, products & services in the USA, which can help individuals, companies and the Nigeria economy to grow.

As a versatile person, who believe in exploring global opportunities. I deemed it to take the #USAFairNG19 & I had an amazing time networking & meeting potential acquaintance, one of who is Emmanuel Idachaba.

Emmanuel (@X.chaba) is a young creative Nigerian carving a nitche for himself in the creative industry, I engaged in a chit-chat with this young man & he said “Bringing my thoughts to life has been easy through Art and the ability to stop time with the clicks of my camera is an endless feeling of happiness”

Bakare Mubarak

Verily! he was able to “stop time with the clicks of his camera, as he bestowed upon me two wonderful & artistic headshots.

#USAFairNG19 See ya next year!!!!!!

Bakare Mubarak

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I don’t know if I can article all I have in my head about how great of a human you are…. So am just going to keep it simple. You are you, you are one of a kind and our generation is pleased to have a soul like yours in it, and because of this I pray Allah continues to love, bless, guide and protect you. Keep doing what you do. G. O. A. T


Oh my! you are a real MVP.

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