2019 has been are wonderful year. Interestingly, one of the things that has recieved more attention than ever before is African Fashion, Culture, Art and Tourism.

Based on evalution, the influx of tourists into the Nation increased, compared to 2018 statistics and this extends to Africa as a whole. Nigeria maintains number 6 most visited African Country more than 50% comes for business. A little above 15% come for proper tourism as at 2018.
Also there has been exceeding attention drawn to local travels, and the benefits of engaging in local tours. The idea of Nigerians visiting Nigerian destinations and African destinations as well. Personally I made quite a number of trips locally, part of the trips were fashion tourism, business and the proper tourism to untapped tourist destinations and this had a positive rippled effect on our Economy, rather than spending a lot of money on international travel.
Talking of Fashion Art & Culture. Nigeria hosted so many Events and Symposium, that brought about influx to the Nation,  part of which are:The GTBank Fashion Weekend, Africa Fashion week Nigeria & The Heineken Lagos Fashion week which are amongst the largest fashion Events across West-Africa.These were platforms that promoted not only Nigerian enterprises but cut across African enterprises, utimately giving them global exposure.
The 3rd expedition of the Largest Art exhibition in West-Africa also took place here in Lagos Nigeria, as usual & it was an array of Contemporary Artistic extravaganza. Alot of investors including collectors came from every part of the World to the Nation.
Culture as well has not been left out, as tons of people came to commemorate the Osun Oshogbo festival, thousands of pilgrims from different parts of the world visited the UNESCO world heritage site (Osun groove), same as the Òlòjò festival in Ile-Ife the Argungu Fishing festival in Kebi state, the African Drum festival in Ogun state and so on.
It is indeed a great omen that we are moving forward a step at a time. On the flip side, based on Projections, Africa will top the index of the continent with the highest youth population in the world and Nigeria will constitute more of the population as our growth rate 2.6% per annual.
It is pertinent that we continue to sensitise and engage the youths constantly, to change our naratives and own it. Ultimately, so we begin to see the strength and the beauty in our diversity and also to unify us at home and in the diaspora.
This, I have taking as a point of duty as I have initiated a trademarked initiative(Photo Waka) to project in good light & further promote art, Our culture & tourism, by fusing it with modeling also to preach unity amongst us especially the youths. I have created an ally with few Traditional rulers, for they are the utmost custodian of culture and a link to the youths. I look forward to ally with more to further push for a beter Nigeria & Africa as a whole.


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