Abeokuta has it all: impressive sights and sounds, intense cultural experiences and peaceful natural retreats just to be experienced & come face to face with. Each destination within this grand city offers an opportunity for adventure, plenty of sights to gawk over and incredible experiences to cross off. According to wiki “beokuta is the largest … Continue Reading

The Modern African Man.

The “Modern African man” is intended to be commercial clips, showcasing the beauty of afrocentric man, ranginf from fashion wears, accessories etc and concentrating on details and a typical uniqueness of the particular piece being modeled in each clips. Also portraying a modern African Man typical lifestyle who showcases beautiful lifestyle of the African culture. … Continue Reading

Mubarak X #USAFairNG19

The “USA fair 2019” Conferences,Exhibitions, B2B meetings & Networking event was held on May 22-23, from 1am– 5 p.m. at the Eko Convention Center Victoria Island,Lagos Nigeria. The purpose of the #USAFairNG19 was to encourage & explore the possibilitie and ultimately execute on a productive plan to buil a symbiosis, business wise between the Americans … Continue Reading

Yeyemolu! the immortalised living spring.

Yeyemolu the immortalised living spring.
Yeyemolu an exemplary wife.
Yeyemolu the divine wife of the Ooni.

Three shades of Awesomeness.

The model, the photographer and the writer.
Every picture speaks a unique language and gives a message.


IGBIN ORISÀ drum is an interesting piece of one headed traditional drum, beaten for the Ooni of Ife specially during ceremonies…. SouthWestern region of nigeria.


Folklore: Amadioha(metaphysical) the god of lightning & thunder, synonymous to Songo(manish), also god of fire, lightning & thunder in Yoruba mythology.


Sango, the god of fire, thunder & lightening


WHO IS BAKARE MUBARAK At 23 years, Bakare Olalekan Mubarak is a hard worker with a humble personality. He is the tallest model in Sub-Saharan Africa and stands at an amazing height of 6ft8 sharing the same height with the tallest model in the world. Mubarak is a model, an influencer, an actor and also an ex pageant king (Mr Kwara int’l 2015/16, also the Mr. Nigeria intl Kwara 2016/17). ACHIEVEMENTS Bakare has numerous awards to his credit, while still waxing strong. Having worked with renowned brands, such as:Fashion TVGlo NigeriaZenith BankAfrotourismMESS Los’AngelisItel mobole NigeriaBakare was the youngest amongst the 16 delegates from across the world that went on the Nigeria travel week Southwestern tour.He was once a Yandi ambassador (A renowned SME & digital solution company) and lots more. Having acted in a few movies and walked on various runways and editorials, he is not just a model but … Continue Reading


‎The Yorubas have a distinct sense of style, making them have varieties of clothes that makes their culture noticeable amongst other cultures. They take immense pride in their attire, for which they are well known for. Clothing materials traditionally comes from processed cotton by traditional weavers. They believe that the type of clothes worn by … Continue Reading