Rape is NOT the victim’s fault,

An equivocal agreement is NOT rape.BDSM is NOT rape, moreso, Consented sexual intercourse is NOT rape,When 2 parties establishes a connection and nothing is forced, it is NOT rape.There is but a thousand excuses rapist give for their act, some of which may include; Provocative dresses,Influence of alcohol and drugs,Culture of silence from victims or family of victims,Peer group influence, amongst others.However, does all these justify their actions? Does it make it seemingly right? Sadly, these victims suffer both physical and psychological effects, such as;Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) AngerDiminished social confidence Mental disorder. In the days of yore, following the exorbitant presence of arranged marriages, rape was high yet it was still considered a capital crime, as although rape might be a private wrong, it is still a public offense. There is no nobility in rape, it is NOT the African Heritage. Together, we CAN put an end to this by;Creating awareness and proper sensitization on the causes of rape, Build and engage in healthy and respectful relationships, Properly educate children, friends, parents and peers about the myths and realities of sexual assault, If you witness sexual harassment at the workplace or in public places, expose the behavior. Don’t tolerate it, Give constructive input on how to put an end to this. No one is an “easy target”, speak out and together let’s shun the idea of rape in the hearts of every deviants, one at a time. #SayNoToRape #SayNoToSexualViolence #SayNoToRapists #SayNoToRapeCulture

Thanks to Gift Jane Ebanueta, Arabor(Nueta’s_lens) an eccentric spoken words poet, for collaborating with me creating this master piece.

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