The model, the photographer and the writer.
Every picture speaks a unique language and gives a message. The focus of attention is a model; he sells ideas and makes concepts, cultures and products more professional, desirable and essential. They create a psychological comfort in the viewers’ mind.

The photographer, however, gives a clear view of what the picture is about while the writer defines our thoughts. By highlighting features and giving prominence to unique attributes, the photographer helps the model to achieve his purpose and get the message across.
The writer uses written words in styles and techniques to communicate ideas.

  • There are many messages, however, while the photographers define what we should see through the model, writers depict what it portrays. The writer wrote what you’re reading now.
  • The model, the photographer and the writer work harmoniously to beautify the world. They help us see the truth, they bring hope, they speak our deepest thoughts and out of a myriad of thoughts, they help us express and define our emotions and feelings. They work in congruence to lead us to a quality of fulfillment, an understanding that we are understood. We are able to appreciate that we are not alone, even in our wildest feelings.
  • Photographer: KELVIN OMOZU
  • Writer: PHILIPS AFOLAYAN @PhilipsAfolayan

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Defined and detailed

Can’t expect less from Bakare Mubara!


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